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Spanish Speaking Attorney

Ben LaBranche is one of the only Spanish speaking attorneys in Baton Rouge, and his law office also has Spanish Speaking assistants on staff. He has helped many non-English speaking clients with criminal and civil matters in Baton Rouge and around Louisiana. Many other lawyers have asked him to help with their Spanish speaking clients and have also referred him Spanish speaking clients with criminal and civil cases. Judges have also appointed him to represent Spanish speaking clients in City, State, and Federal Courts. He often times interprets for other attorneys representing Spanish clients when an interpreter is not available. Ben LaBranche has represented clients in criminal court for crimes of violence, serious felonies, drug offenses, and traffic matters. Ben LaBranche has also been the lawyer for many Hispanics for personal injury claims arising out of auto accidents or injuries which occurred on the job. On most misdemeanor and or traffic offenses, he has been successful in keeping his clients from having to ever appear in court or significantly minimize the number of court appearances needed.

Having a Spanish speaking attorney can make matters a lot easier for Spanish speaking clients and can also be better for their cases. If a client is not a U.S. citizen and is charged with a criminal offense, they may be subjected to immigration consequences as a result of a conviction or even just the arrest. When facing these immigration consequences, it is important to have a good attorney familiar with immigration issues. Ben LaBranche is a lawyer that has helped many foreign nationals avoid deportation as a result of a criminal arrest. Many clients, lawyers and even judges are not aware that certain misdemeanor offenses can have an impact on someone’s immigration status. DWI/DUI, marijuana, and domestic abuse battery are just some misdemeanor offense that can seriously affect someone’s status. Ben LaBranche can research the possible immigration consequences related to a client’s criminal case and fully advise them on how those consequences will affect them.

Ben LaBranche is also a lawyer who can interview Spanish speaking witnesses to help build the client’s case. Many police agencies have difficulty finding out the truth when investigation crimes or accidents where witness only speak Spanish. Police don’t always have the resources to do a proper investigation when there is a language barrier. The language barrier between police or investigators and persons accused of crimes can often cause problems in a police investigation. Ben LaBranchehas been able to establish defenses to criminal cases because the police didn’t speak Spanish, used a bad interpreter, or failed to interview Spanish speaking witnesses. Ben LaBranche has also used Spanish speaking investigators to interview and locate witnesses.

It can be a very scary situation for people to be involved in the court process in a country where they do not speak the language. Ben LaBranche can help guide Spanish speaking clients and explain their case to them in their own language. Having a Spanish speaking attorney in any case where the client or any witnesses speak Spanish, can be extremely helpful to the case.

If you are looking for a Spanish speaking lawyer to help represent a friend or family member, you should call Ben LaBranche at (225) 927-5495.

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