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Plea Bargain

Plea bargaining is the negotiation process with the prosecutors. Successful plea bargaining usually results in a reduction of the charges, a reduction in the punishment/sentence, or a dismissal of the charges. It is always better to have an attorney plea bargain for the accused. A good attorney will know what type of information the prosecutor will want to know that would benefit the accused. The plea bargaining process can be very complex. An attorney can use his knowledge of the law to demonstrate that the law would not support a conviction. Attorneys also know what to investigate and how to use information gained in an investigation to benefit the client in the plea bargaining process. Many times the attorney can also use evidence of the accused’s good character to help reduce or dismiss charges against them. However, a lawyer cannot guarantee and outcome in a case. Every case is different, and people accused of crimes should consult with an attorney to see how plea bargaining should be approached in their case. It is always the client’s decision to accept or reject any offer made by the prosecutors. If plea negotiations fail, the case will need to go to trial, and it will be important to be represented by an experienced trial lawyer. Ben LaBranche has successfully negotiated many plea deals for his clients.

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