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Out of Town and Out of State Clients

Ben LaBranche can help defend people who live out of State with pending felony, misdemeanor, or traffic cases. He is familiar with many different courts in the Baton Rouge area and in many other parts of Louisiana. Ben LaBranche is the president of the Baton Rouge Bar of Criminal Justice and also sits on the board of directors for the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He also serves on the board of directors for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and can help you find a good attorney in your home state. If you are facing criminal prosecution in Louisiana and you reside in another state, you need an experienced lawyer in Louisiana to help you.

There are many people who don’t live in the location where they were arrested or given a citation. Having to come back for court dates can affect your employment and/or education opportunities. Ben LaBranche has been referred by lawyers across the country to assist them with their clients’ cases in Louisiana. He has even been the attorney for clients who resided outside the Continental United States. Ben LaBranche has represented nonresident clients for serious crimes of violence, drug distribution offenses, theft, and weapons charges. Many courts and judges have their own rules and procedures for handling criminal matters, so local attorneys will know them better than anyone else. Ben LaBranche is also familiar with many of the local police agencies policies which could affect your case. As a local Louisiana attorney, Ben LaBranche can inform you on what you should expect from the local judge, district attorney, and police officers who will be involved in your criminal case.

It may be possible for an attorney to resolve a client’s case without the client having to return to the Baton Rouge area or with minimal court appearances. Ben LaBranche has resolved some cases without nonresident clients having to appear in court and has also been able to reduce the number of court appearances for his clients. The most important thing to do is keep the Court and the Prosecutor informed of your location and activities. If you are out on bond and do not live in Louisiana, the court will need to grant you permission to return to your home state. You may also need to get special permission if you would like to have your probation transferred to you home state or to another jurisdiction.

Ben LaBranche can make the process of facing criminal charges in another jurisdiction less stressful for you. He can keep you updated on all activity and can let you know what can be done to minimize your travel back and forth to court. If your presence is needed for court, he can request dates from the court that will be easy for all to attend and he will give you notice as far in advance as possible for you to make travel arrangements.

If you reside outside of Louisiana and need an attorney for a local case, please call Ben LaBranche at (225) 927-5495.

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