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Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a very serious offense in Louisiana that can carry jail time and suspend someone’s driving privileges. All DWI cases involve criminal and civil proceedings. The actual criminal case will be handled in a criminal court, and a civil court will determine if the offender’s driving privileges should be suspended. It is very important to hire an attorney immediately after being arrested for DWI. The accused has only 15 days in Louisiana to file for a driver’s license hearing after an arrest. If this hearing is not requested, the State will automatically suspend driving privileges.

First and Second offense DWIs are misdemeanors in Louisiana and are punishable by up to six months in jail. There can also be harsher penalties regarding the criminal case and driving privileges if the offender’s blood alcohol level is very high while driving. Third and Fourth offence DWIs are felony offences that require mandatory jail time and in some instances forfeiture of the offender’s vehicle. Third Offence DWI carries up to five years in jail and fourth offence DWI carries up to 30 years. There are many issues with DWIs that a lawyer can evaluate when defending a client, and persons charged with DWI should be represented by attorneys at all stages of the criminal and civil proceedings. Ben LaBranche has years of experience representing people charged with felony and misdemeanor DWI/DUIs.

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