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Drug Possession

There are many types of drug possession. It is a crime to possess any amount of illegal drugs without a valid prescription. If authorities believe that the offender does not intend to distribute the drugs in his or her possession, they will usually be charged with possession. The penalties for possession depend on the type of drug the offender is possession. The illegal possession of most drugs is considered to be a felony. Felony drug possession can have penalties as high as high as 20 years. First offence marijuana possession is considered a misdemeanor and can be punishable by up to six months in jail. However, second and third offence marijuana possession are considered felonies and have harsher penalties. Possession can include drugs found on someone’s person and drugs found somewhere the offender has control over such as their car, home, or luggage. The courts look at the intent of the accused because in order to be convicted the offender must have intentionally possessed the drugs. Drug possession is one of the most common crimes prosecuted today. If someone is accused of drug possession, they should have a lawyer to make sure their rights are protected. Ben LaBranche has years of experience representing people accused of drug offenses.

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