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Drug Distribution

Drug distribution cases are usually more serious than possession cases. If the police actually witness someone distrusting a very small amount of drugs, they can arrest them for distribution. Most of the time police don’t actually witness the sale or distribution of drugs, so they may charge someone with distribution if they find an amount of drugs that is not consistent with personal use or if it is packaged in a way that is consistent with distribution. Multiple containers with drugs in them are usually a factor police will look at in deciding if it is distribution. If some on is in the possession of 100 bags of marijuana, police will arrest them for distribution. Police may also look for other evidence consistent with distribution such as the presence of scales, large amounts of cash, packaging tools, and any other things that are commonly associated with distribution. Persons accused of distribution should be represented by an attorney. Ben LaBranche has many years experience representing persons accused of drug distribution crimes.

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