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Computer Aided Solicitation

Computer crimes are becoming more common since technology has become more advanced and available. Computer aided solicitation is a very complicated and serious offence. Most cases involve an adult communicating by email, chat room, or text message with an undercover agent posing as a minor. Although the undercover agent is a not a minor, the law makes still makes it a crime if the agent is posing as a minor. These cases involve lots of electronic data and can be very complex. The crime usually has a mandatory minimum sentence of two years and can be punishable by up to ten years. This crime also requires sex offender registration. Authorities are targeting many people for this crime, and the number of offences has risen in the past few years. The offence is also very controversial since it may sometimes deal with first amendment (free speech) issues, and many argue that some undercover conduct rises to the level of entrapment. It is very important that if you are arrested for computer aided solicitation of a minor that you contact and attorney. Ben LaBranche has experience representing people accused of Computer Aided Solicitation.

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