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Bench Warrants

Ben LaBranche has represented many clients in Baton Rouge, Gonzales, Livingston, and surrounding areas with issues related to bench warrants. If you have an active bench warrant or are worried that you will receive one for missing court, you should seek representation from a skilled lawyer. If you are a defendant in a criminal or traffic case and have missed a scheduled court date, the court will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. The court will sometimes even issue bench warrants for witnesses who fail to appear, but they do not request witness warrants as often as bench warrants issued for criminal defendants. A bench warrant is similar to an arrest warrant. Police may be actively looking for people with bench warrants to arrest them and have the jail bring them to court. When someone is stopped for a traffic violation or questioned as part of a criminal investigation, police will usually run a warrant check on that person. If the police discover an active warrant, they will usually arrest the person. The sanctions for missing court could be up to 6 months in jail or even having your bond revoked. You should have an attorney if you have been arrested on a bench warrant. Ben LaBranche is an attorney that can help build a defense and/or minimize the impact of being arrested for a bench warrant.

If you cannot appear at your scheduled court date in Baton Rouge or surrounding areas, Ben LaBranche may be able to have your case reassigned and prevent a bench warrant from being issued for your arrest. Many people believe that nothing will happen to them if they miss court or that school, work, or family obligations will excuse them, but they are usually wrong. It is also possible to get court dates reassigned and it happens often. Having a lawyer is the best way to get an excuse for missing court. Ben LaBranche has prevented many courts from putting people in jail for missing court by providing them with evidence justifying their absence. Attorneys can also prevent a bench warrant from ever being issued if they are able to provide the court with your excuse prior to the court date.

Ben LaBranche has prevented many clients from being sanctioned for their bench warrants. If you have missed court, you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to represent you and to ask the court not to punish you for failing to appear. It is best to address the bench warrant immediately and before getting arrested. If you are out on bond and get a bench warrant, the passage of time could cause the bond to be forfeited, and a new bond will have to be posted to get out of jail. If you are arrested on a bench warrant, the judge can hold you without bond until your case is resolved, give you up to six months in jail for contempt of court, increase your bond, or give you a warning. Many times a warning will only be given if the defendant addresses the matter immediately with the court and/or provides a legitimate excuse for missing court.

An attorney can help you develop any defenses for any contempt of court charge for missing court. The court can sometimes make mistakes on their paperwork, give you the wrong date, or send information about court dates to the wrong address. Many times bench warrants are also issued because someone is in jail and was not transported the court. If you have missed court, you should contact Ben LaBranche to help you get the bench warrant recalled.

Contact Ben LaBranche at (225) 927-5495 to help with your bench warrant.

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