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Baton Rouge

Ben LaBranche is a Baton Rouge criminal defense lawyer that has represented clients charged with various crimes. If you have been arrested for a crime that occurred in Baton Rouge, you will be prosecuted in the Federal Court for the Middle District of Louisiana, the 19th Judicial District Court for East Baton Rouge Parish, or Baton Rouge City Court. You should also be represented by a Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Lawyer if you have a pending case in any court in Baton Rouge or surrounding areas.

If you have committed a crime that violates a federal statute, involves crossing state lines, or is against an agency of the United States you will more than likely be prosecuted in Federal Court. The Federal Courts in Louisiana are divided into districts and the Baton Rouge district is called the Middle District of Louisiana. Most defendants who are being held in jail for charges pending in the middle district will be housed in the West Baton Rouge Parish or Ascension Parish Jail. It is possible that someone can face the same charges in State and Federal Court. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is both a state and federal crime and can be prosecuted in both jurisdictions. Ben LaBranche is also a federal criminal defense lawyer and practices in the Federal Court located in Baton Rouge. If you have federal charges in Baton Rouge, Ben LaBranche can help defend you.

Ben LaBrance also represents clients with criminal cases pending in the 19th Judicial District court for East Baton Rouge Parish. This court hears both felony and misdemeanor cases for crimes which are alleged to have occurred in East Baton Rouge Parish. If someone was arrested for a misdemeanor crime or traffic offense that occurred outside the Baton Rouge city limits but inside the parish they will also be prosecuted in this court. People who are charged with felonies in this court will be entitled to a trial by jury. Ben LaBranche has tried numerous felony jury trials in Baton Rouge and has also obtained dismissals in serious felony cases. Misdemeanors in the 19th Judicial District Court are tried by a Judge and no jury. Traffic tickets issued in the Baton Rouge city limits by State Troopers or East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office will also be prosecuted in this court. Ben LaBranche has represented people in the East Baton Rouge Parish for all types of misdemeanor and felony offenses, including murder, armed robbery, vehicular homicide, drug distribution, theft, and felony DWI/DUI.

If you arrested for a misdemeanor or issued a misdemeanor summons by Baton Rouge City Police for an office that occurred inside the Baton Rouge City Limits, your case will be heard in Baton Rouge City Court. Ben LaBranche has represented many clients for misdemeanor offenses in Baton Rouge City Court, and prior to being a criminal defense attorney, Ben LaBranche clerked for a City Court Judge. The Baton Rouge City Police have an active DWI/DUI task force, and a majority of the DWI/DUI cases are heard in Baton Rouge. Ben LaBranche has years of experience in representing clients in city court for DWI/DUI cases, assaults, marijuana, and alcohol related offenses.

If you need a Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Lawyer for any case in Federal, State, or City Court, call Ben LaBranche at (225) 927-5495.

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